The project for a better world

Dear Ambassador,

we remind our project "RECITYRE plus".
An easy way to:

  • Creation of new jobs.
  • Have an environment more clean.
  • Elimination of lawlessness.
The following video illustrates the processing of used tires.
We expect your call to the Embassy to better illustrate our project.

Best regards

Nando Cocco - NCL Group

Image rec01 en

Our partners are the following:

  • MARANGONI TYRE MACHINERY: Produce Electricity from used tires. (21 Mln Kwh; 15.000 tos).
  • INNECO: Production of Rubber Products, Building materials, urban and infrastructural design.
  • ASSECO: IT Technologies, supply installation and integration systems for control flows in order to avoid illegality and the control of the abuse of discharge.
  • SEIN: Chain recovering used tyres and production of granulation materials used in asphalt modified with integration materials for highway infrastructure.